Why is walking great for your health and mental well-being

The benefits of walking seem so obvious that we rarely discuss it. Walking is a great exercise that quickens our heartbeat, circulates more blood and oxygen to our muscles and our organs, including the brain. Walking prevents weight gain, improves fitness, cardiac health, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain, reduces the risk for cancer and chronic disease, circulation, and posture, and the list goes on and on.

20 minutes of walking resulted in an increase in vigour, attentiveness, and self-confidence. In fact, walking in nature like a park or a place with greenery was found to reduce ruminating over negative experiences, which increases activity in the brain associated with negative emotions and raises the risk of depression.

It's not necessary to walk during a specific time at a specific place. During the day, you can get up from your desk every hour and just walk around your office for a few minutes. It will improve your mood, endurance and alleviate fatigue.

According to a study, walking has been shown to prevent deterioration of brain tissue and improve memory during old age. Plus, psychologists have suggested that a 10-15 minutes walk relieves anxiety and depression.

You'll be surprised to know that walking is the suggested workout over running for several people. Especially for those with knee, ankle and back problems and also for people who are overweight to obese. Use Teal and learn more about the benefits of walking. Also, track your steps and improve your daily and monthly health score.

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