Why is drinking soda bad for your health?

I'm sure you all know that soda isnt good for your health. But theres a thing about soda that keeps drawing you back. We shall tell you why its a good idea to stop drinking it once and for all.Soft drinks and diet soda are devoid of any nutritional value. They dont contain essential vitamins and minerals. In fact it results in poor bone density and increases your risk of osteoporosis.

Soda contains large quantities of sugar and other artificial sweeteners that trigger insulin secretion and leads to deposition of fat in organs such as the liver which further leads to insulin resistance and diabetes. Calorie-dense sodas can also increase your risk of obesity and other medical conditions associated with it.

In addition to that. regular consumption of large amounts of soft drinks may increase your risk of kidney stones, a very painful urinary tract disorder.

At times, soda clings to teeth, allowing bacteria to produce acids that can cause tooth decay. Some sodas even contain carbonic, phosphoric, malic, citric and tartaric acids, making the beverage acidic.

It can be difficult to kick the habit of drinking soda every day, but it can be easier when there are alternatives to replace it with. You can replace it with healthy options like sparkling water with fruit or fruit juice, ice tea, or simply coconut water. In fact, the best alternative is water. Nothing is healthier than a plain glass of water. It is refreshing and easily accessible.

If saving money motivates you to kick a bad habit, we give you financial reasons to quit drinking soda. With no nutritional value in it, it costs a bomb. It will reduce the long term health consequences that can lead to high medical expenses.

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