Why is being happy an important goal in life?

Most of us believe that the only purpose of life is to be happy. And yet, are unable to achieve the ultimate goal. Many of us obsess about goals and desperately strive to achieve them, but think it’s okay to do so because we’ll get what we want later. And then, we’ll be happy. We do not agree with that. But we do feel that you can still do things to make yourself a lot happier. Like these:

Surround yourself with happy people. The more you spend time with someone, the more you become like them. Therefore, engage with the most positive.

It might seem positive to take part in gossip and perhaps a necessary release but it only causes stress and unhappiness. So in case, you have the urge to complain, pause for a few seconds and change the topic into something positive.

Make friends, at work, outside of work, everywhere. Make real friends. You'll live a longer, happier life.

Do what you do well, as often as you can. If you really like dancing, do it as much as you can, wherever you can.

Refrain from judging others. Focus on their positive side. Stop judging yourself and allow yourself to be as you are.

Take on new challenges. Learn something new and boost your well being. Focusing on making progress puts us in a state of flow, which has been shown to foster happiness.

Therefore, happiness can never be a goal in itself because it is not something that’s achievable. Happiness is merely a byproduct.

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