Unhealthy Habits That Are Destroying Your Health

There are several unhealthy habits that you might be doing unintentionally. And they might be harming your body in more ways than you expect.

Eating when you are about to sleep can give you a bad case of acid reflux and disrupt your slumber.

You should never hold your nose when you sneeze. If a sneeze is held in, the pressure is still generated but not released. Although, it is not very common but it can rupture blood vessels in any area such as the chest, throat, eyes, or brain.

Sitting on your wallet causes your buttocks to be uneven, which can trigger low back pain, hip pain, or even pain in the upper back or shoulders.

It is important to wash your face before bed because you literally are washing the 'day' off your skin, including makeup, dirt, debris, and pollution.

Using your phone too much can cause loneliness. Although we connect with others via phones, it is not the same as human-to-human contact. So give your screen break every hour.

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