Try this and never lose interest in your daily workout

Women often end up making mistakes like not working out regularly, eating too little, and expect instant results by not exercising according to their body type.

It is essential to concentrate on having a balanced diet comprising all the nutrients, and compliment it with regular workouts by making exercise a fun activity rather than a boring task. We bring you a fitness guide for the new-age women who are too caught up with their work, having no time for fitness:

Follow a structured exercise pattern: Prepare a structured exercise pattern to be followed daily with simple exercises like walking, running to tone the body. It is advised that women should exercise for at least three hours a week to reach their fitness goal.

Cut out the carbs: Avoid refined carb-rich foods like cookies, chocolates, honey and white rice as they spike your blood sugar level, produce more insulin and increase the amount of fat in your body. Therefore the daily diet should extensively be rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins.

Healthy breakfast: Fill your stomach with a heavy but healthy breakfast. Inclusion of fiber and glucose is imperative to retain energy for the entire day. Breakfast is the most important meal out of all the three-time meals. Therefore, it should be healthy and nutritious. Choose food that is rich in fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins, and glucose as it provides energy for the entire day, fulfilling the requirements of the body.

Healthy snacking: The first rule of maintaining a fit body is to avoid unhealthy junk and oily food from the daily routine as it will affect your exercise routine and immune system. So switching to healthy snacking will help in maintaining weight and reducing the risk of several diseases. Your diet should be rich in protein, calcium, fats, carbs, minerals, and fiber.

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