Toss off your weight gain with these foods

Weight gain is as trending as weight loss.Many individuals around the world are pouring a lot of effort into gaining weight. To have underweight is not healthy and can lead to many health risks. Like weight loss, many people strive to gain weight to avoid these risks. To help you with these issues, we got you some varieties of food which can help you gain weight.

  • Milk

  • Rice

  • Nuts

  • Potatoes and starches

  • Whole grain bread


Drinking milk is a very conventional method of weight gain. Milk is full of nutrition and hence, helps us in healthy weight gain. It helps in building muscle and putting on weight as it is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Teaming up the milk with our workout can help us endure muscles.


Rice can be a good source of healthy fat and serve us more calories than any other food. It can be served with curry alongside which makes it more tasty and healthy, but while choosing the curry make sure it doesn't have unhealthy fats. It can help in gaining weight quick and safe.


Nuts are a good source of proteins and carbohydrates. They have high amount of calories which are highly beneficial in weight gain. They also have good effect on mental health.

Potato and starches-

Foods filled with starch have high amount of calories.They increase the muscle glycogen in the body which is essential for production of glucose in the body. They can be tasty and healthy taken in proper amount.

Whole grain bread-

Whole grain bread is rich in proteins and when consumed along with eggs, or peanut butter can provide you lots of calories.

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