Too caught up with work? Fitness guide for new-age women

You owe to yourself to do at least one thing you enjoy every day, even if it is only for a few minutes. This will bring joy, happiness, hope and good feeling into your life.Start by making a list of things you enjoy doing.

It can include the simplest of the activities which can be done in our daily life. It can be anything, from cooking your favourite dish to painting to playing with kids. You can put in the list at least ten items, and then do something from this list every day. As you discover more things that you like doing, add them to this list.

Learn to get over laziness and procrastination. Stop telling yourself that you dont have time. Work and chores never end.

Also, make sure you dont do things that make you happy in the short-term but guilty in the long-term. Try not to spend too much so that you dont go broke by the end of the month.

Categorize your activity into high and low energy activities. Based on your energy levels, choose between writing, exercising or reading, calming yoga etc.

Do not be guilty of not doing it. The whole point is to not worry and have a good time. Not everything is an obligation.

We would also like to add that no matter how difficult it is, try to exercise. Exercising is something that has a much greater potential to make you happy.

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