Tips to pack the perfect healthy lunch for work

We agree that mornings are maddening and our lunch box is usually the one hell of a chore. We tend to stay fit and eat healthy when we are home but if we are ignoring the weekdays, there is nothing that can help us with our health goals.

Looking at the pictures you might feel that a perfect lunch box requires hours of toiling but that is certainly not true.

Try to plan your meal a day before. This will reduce your planning time in the morning. Also, if you plan your meals early, you can add the food products that you require to your grocery list.

If you talk to a nutritionist, you may know that our meal should comprise of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals. In fact, too many men and women who are trying to lose weight avoid carbohydrates.

Remember that carbs account for the biggest chunk of your meal as they provide fuel for the body to function optimally, boost energy, speed, stamina, and concentration.

If you are working 6 day a week, it might become a little difficult to eat a variety of food unless you are extremely passionate about your diet. We tend to avoid seasonal fruits is something a lot of us do unknowingly but remember which are extremely important as they are seasonal for a reason.

Fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals. Chop a fruit or two and make a box just with fruits which you can eat as your brunch.

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