This is why you should make belly breathing part of your regular workout

We focus on a lot of exercises to keep ourselves healthy. Breathing is also one such important concept to stay healthy. There are few forms through which we can extend our breathing rate. One of those is belly breathing. Belly breathing is deep breathing into your stomach. Also known as diaphragmatic breathing for its effect on the diaphragm which helps in expansion and contraction of the chest.

Belly breathing is necessary to control stress because when we feel stress, our chest gets contracted tight and to avoid shallow breathe we have to perform belly breathing.

To perform belly breathing, you should relax your body especially and inhale and exhale as much as possible. Stay attentive while exhaling and inhaling. You can place your hands on the stomach and check if you are doing it right. With regular practice, you might feel energised.

Advantages of belly breathing-

  • Belly breathing helps in stabilising the diaphragm which supports our spine.

  • While performing a lot of workouts, deep breathing can help you keep your spine straight.

  • It improves your core strength.

  • Breathing from the diaphragm can help filling air from top to bottom which helps you perform better the workout.

  • It improves your breathing rate.

  • It improves the blood circulation throughout the body.

  • Some focussed belly breathing by focussing on the inhalation and exhalation we can achieve stress relief.

As it affects both our mind and body, it is helpful to maintain a balanced blood circulation and oxygen intake.

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