Things You Do In The Office That Are Ruining Your Health

You might already know that desk work is wreaking havoc on your health. But you might be aware of the reasons behind it.

Not taking breaks: Take regular breaks throughout the day. Try to move around a bit. Stand and work or talk. In fact, even if it's a 10-minute walk during your lunch break, or a fun podcast on your commute home. Your mental health is important, and if you're never taking the space to give yourself some me time, you can quickly approach burnout.

Sitting all day: One of the most damaging things that we do to our bodies when working in an office environment is not moving enough. Our bodies are not meant to hold static postures for long periods of time. Follow the 20/20 rule. After every 20 minutes of sitting, you should get up and walk around for at least 20 seconds.

Not stocking healthy snacks: Unhealthy snacks may lead to an unhealthy mind. They can also lead to weight gain by payday. Instead of chocolate or cookies, reach for snacks with protein and fiber, such as carrot sticks and hummus, or nuts and fruit.

Skipping meals at work: Because you feel like you have no time to eat between meetings or there are no healthy options around your office—can cause an energy crash and lead to unhealthy eating later.

Overindulging at business meetings: When lunch is on the company dime, it can be too easy to overdo it. Think proactively about how certain foods make you feel and affect your work performance. Realize you have power over what you eat, and be mindful of portion control.

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