Things You Did Today That Sabotaged Your Flat Belly Goals

You waited until work to eat or drink: If you don't wake up every few hours throughout the night to sip some water, you are pretty dehydrated till you wake up. Not having breakfast or not drinking at least a glass of warm water till 2-3 hours after waking up can damage your health in unimaginable ways.

You didn't leave the house early enough: Thank your stress hormones because it can cause inflammation, brain damage, fat storage, and muscle breakdown. This also happens when you stress and complain about your diet instead of fixing it.

You worked through lunch: things can get busy in the office, but skipping meals and skimping on calories can actually make it harder to uncover your abs. This is because when you don't sufficiently fuel your body, it begins to conserve calories and slow your metabolism.

You barely walked anywhere: Thanks to a new wave of ultra-sedentary jobs, we have almost stopped walking and now we burn fewer calories a day. Working on that is easier than you think, because taking a two-minute walk every hour can offset the effects of too much sitting.

You rewarded yourself with sugar: You maintained a perfect diet for the whole week and now you feel that you deserve a treat. Instead of rewarding yourself with indulgent food go for something else that you like the most.

You nap during the day: Unless you are unwell, you shouldn't sleep in the afternoon, especially after lunch. Dozing off in the middle of the day does nothing to help you burn fat. In fact, it impacts our night time sleep negatively and ruins the entire schedule.

Reach out to our nutritionist to know what is sabotaging your health goals. Also, you can talk to our fitness trainer and get a customized workout plan based on body parts you want to work on.

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