The Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

If you've been drinking coffee you know that it's addictive. Caffeine is a food product that has the ability to boost your mood, metabolism and mental and physical performance.

Small to moderate amounts of coffee can improve gut motility.If you are addicted to coffee you know that going without caffeine for several hours may lead to psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms.

Caffeine can raise blood pressure if consumed at high doses. This effect might be temporary, but can create complications in the long run.

Study also says that high doses of caffeine may increase heart rate or rhythm in several people. These effects may vary from person to person. If you can relate to this point, consider reducing your intake.

Make sure you limit your intake to 250 mg per day if you're uncertain of your tolerance of caffeine.

High doses have been reported to cause nervousness, jitteriness and similar symptoms in most people. Caffeine can help you stay awake during the day, but it may negatively impact your sleep quality and quantity. Cut off your caffeine consumption by the early afternoon to avoid sleeping problems.

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