Stretch like mouni roy

Mouni Roy is a well-known television actress and admired for her acting skills as well as lavishing looks. Many people envy her flawless fitness and beauty. We all want to know what is her secret for this beautiful structure of hers. Mouni Roy has an easy fitness routine without compromising on diet. She suggests very conventional fitness routines like stretching and a proper diet.

This is what she keeps check on her daily diet: Drinking a lot of water in a day is very important according to her. Consuming junk food is fine but keeping in control is necessary. Planning the diet with balanced amount of carbohydrates and proteins is all she does. And when it comes to fitness, stretching is her favourite fitness routine. Making stretching as a part of daily basis helps to increase the stamina and stability of the body.

This will increase your blood circulation and loosens your muscles and tendons. Muscle pain that you get after workout can be balanced by increasing the blood circulation. Stretching will improve the muscle endurance. It provides nutrition to the muscle and decreases their soreness. And hence, there is a possibility of quick recovery. Stretching will also improve your body balance, body posture, coordination and flexibility. As it puts body into balance, it is possible to tighten the muscles slowly. As it improves the blood circulation, it helps to keep yourselves away from daily stress and relaxes your body as well as mind.

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