Signs Your Body Is Lacking Essential Nutrients

Our body is made up in a way that it starts showing signs when all is not well. The body has its own ways of sending red signals. Therefore, it is necessary to include a wide variety of foods in our diets so that the body receives sufficient nutrition.

So, what are these signs that our bodies indicate if we are lacking essential minerals and vitamins.

Your body: If you are having low energy levels, dizziness, and tiredness, there are chances that you have one or many vitamin deficiency. Fatigue is an indicator that your body is lacking vitamin D which regulates the absorption of calcium in your body. Calcium strengthens your bones and increases your muscle movement. Just like that, there are other vitamins and minerals that our body requires. Consume a balanced diet and keep diseases at bay.

Your hair: Do you always feel that you are losing your hair or your hair is thinning or becoming rough? Well, that is because our tresses require a healthy balance of vitamin B, biotin, and folic acid to stay nourished and healthy and if the body isn’t getting enough of these vitamins and minerals it starts losing its shine becomes brittle in texture. Include spinach and white rice in your diet if you find yourself with a vitamin B deficiency.

Your skin: If you are scratching your skin of any part of your body, it is not normal. In major cases, a deficiency of vitamin A and zinc is the reason. Consume sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, carrots, pumpkin seeds, chicken, and hummus to get over this issue. Slow healing of a wound or an injury is one of the tell-tale signs of a zinc deficiency.

So, instead of starving to get that perfect figure, remind yourself about that chapter you read in class 4 about ‘Balanced diet’ or just get in touch with our nutritionist and learn more about essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs and how to incorporate them in your diet.

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