Side Effects of Tea That Will Compel You to Drop the Cup

World’s most loved beverage is more than just a drink for some people. It’s an emotion but let us remind you that consuming anything in excess has side effects to it. Limit tea consumption in order to curb such problems and prevent these side effects of tea. You should ideally not exceed more than 4 cups of tea each day.

This passion-driven love for tea might be killing your metabolism.

Caffeine tends to affect our bodies, thus leading to anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Blame it on your favourite drink if you are not able to sleep at night as too much of tea consumption can hamper your sleep in all ways.

Drinking an excessive amount of tea can lead to dehydration. Caffeine content in tea can decrease the ability of your tubules to absorb the essential nutrients present in the food you eat.

Therefore, it leaves your body feeling dehydrated, bloated and constipated sometimes. Unlike other side effects of tea, this one can easily be curbed by keeping yourself hydrated.

You might have noticed that you feel lethargic, irritated and weary if you are a regular tea drinker and when you don't get your daily quota. Some people also experience headaches and fatigue.

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