Secrets behind Disha Patani's toned body

Disha Patani’s dedication towards to fitness regime is wow-worthy. With her recent release Bharat, this raging fitness sensation of Bollywood has hit a hat-trick of 100 crore plus club. While her abs never go unnoticed, all her fans are always eager to know her fitness secret. Look no further if you are seeking inspiration from this countrywide sensation. In one of her recent Instagram videos, she was seen doing strength training workouts. Here we are going to learn all about this strength training.

In this exercise, you use your own body weight against external resistance. As a result, your muscle contracts and your endurance, muscle mass and strength increases. The external resistance can be in forms of dumbbells, rubber exercise tubing and bricks.

Strength training workouts include: Kettle-bell swing Weight lifting Dead lifts Overhead squat Hammer curls Overhead press Jump squat Single leg split squat Benefits of the following exercise regimens:

Improves mental health Improves cardiovascular health Increases bone mineral density Helps several types of chronic pain Prevent type 2 diabetes Increase body’s metabolic rate.

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