Secret dangers of popular gym machines

This article shouldn't be an excuse for you to skip your exercise routine. Your reasons for going to the gym can be fulfilled as long as you are careful. But in case you are not, you will be shocked to see the consequences of gym-related injuries.

Indoor bikes: Improper pedaling technique can harm your knees, hips, shoulders, and even elbows. It is important to know how to adjust the saddle height and distance between the saddle and the handlebars.

Adducter machines: You are asked to place your pads towards the inner side of your knees. In several cases, lack of control in the movement combined with a heavy load has a 'spring' effect, which causes injury and shortens the muscle fibers.

Treadmills: are also known as the most dangerous gym machine. People tend to pick an unrealistic speed. This can result in injury because many of us don't have the strength or efficiency in your cadence to maintain those speeds.

Pumping big weights on the bench is only appropriate if you have plenty of experience lifting. Also, it is important to have a partner you are comfortable with as it can lead to injuries, if not handled carefully.

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