Secret behind Nora Fatehi's Toned Abs

There might be very few forms of dance that Nora Fatehi doesn't do. She has garnered enough attention because of her super-steamy performance in the song 'Dilbar'. While the steps of these songs are not as easy as you think. You need a lot of practice and fitness to be able to deliver them perfectly.

Nora has practiced dance workouts for years to get the toned body shape she flaunts. Here we bring you the secrets behind the Nora Fatehi's curvaceous body.

If you scroll through Nora Fatehi's Instagram feeds, you will know that pole dance, belly dance and Pilates are the secrets behind her toned body. Let us read how these three things contribute to fitness and flexibility.

Belly dance:

A total body workout that involves movements that come naturally to the female form, making it a very low injury risk exercise, is great for toning upper body. Contrary to its name, the dance focuses on a lot more muscle groups than just the belly. It is a great cardio workout, burning anywhere from 300-500 calories an hour depending on intensity.

Furthermore, since the dancer is constantly on her feet, belly dancing is considered a weight-bearing exercise that can increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

One of the best health benefits of belly dancing is improved posture and strengthening of back muscles. The muscles in the back are also constantly being utilized and toned, providing for greater back strength, flexibility, improved posture, and a decrease in future lower back pain.

The list does not end here. It has also been proven that belly dancing aids in digestion, increases balance, increases circulation, helps relieve stress, tightens the vaginal muscles, prepares the body for pregnancy/childbirth, and helps regulate menstrual problems.

Pole dance: An intense activity pole fitness helps you to strip down that unwanted weight! It's possible to burn 500 calories in merely one class, perhaps more if you train intensely. Working on your upper body, core and thigh, the huge array of exercises and movement involved in pole fitness means that you'll quickly notice your muscles becoming more toned. The best part of kit being that it doesn't feel like an exercise in the moment. It involves lifting your own body weight repeatedly for a long period of time. This helps to increase your body strength. Pole fitness helps you develop strong core muscles and abs for that perfectly sculpted tummy and it's also incredible for building upper body strength.

It is a medium-intense full-body exercise that works on the muscles in a most intense way than various other forms of workouts. Pole dance is good for your cardiovascular health, metabolism, coordination and body balance. This dance form increases your endurance and confidence, which are good for various other aspects of life as well.


Pilates can mostly help you trim and tone your leg and buttock muscles. A mild form of exercise, it constantly keeps you in sync with your breathing and body moves. Pilates focuses on the mind-body connection. It targets the core and improves your general fitness and overall well-being.

Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. The other health benefits of Pilates are improved physical coordination and balance, relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back, safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries, increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing, improved concentration, increased body awareness and stress management and relaxation.

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