Reenergize your body with exercise moves while sitting on your chair

Don't you feel exhausted while sitting on a chair for eight hours without any movement? In addition to that, your eyes remain glued to your desktop. Do you know that this can cause major health issues?

Now you have a solution to get out of the problem. We bring you five easy exercise moves with which a person can relax even while sitting on a chair. Don't worry, you don't require any equipment for them.

These are few postures that you need to adopt while sitting on the chair to get rid of that stiffness.

Pigeon Pose: Firstly, you need to move onto seated pigeon pose. Lift your right knee and place it over your left thigh. Make sure that your ankle bone rests on the top of your knee. Lastly, stretch on your right hip for better muscle relaxation.

Cat/Cow Pose: This pose will help you to undo some of the stiffness. Place your feet flat on the floor. Then slowly bend down and move your pelvis forward and back. Also, focus on working out your core muscles to feel that your body is getting loose. Drawing your belly button towards your spine like one would in a cat pose, tilt the top of your pelvis backwards. Make sure you maintain your breathing while you perform the exercise.

Seated neck rolls: You can also start with one of the easy neck related exercises. For this, put your hand on the arms of the hair and try to move your neck. Start by bringing your right ear to the right shoulder, then slowly to the centre and end it up with the left shoulder touching your left ear.

Rotate your neck 360 degrees clockwise and anti-clockwise for better muscle relaxation. You can do this exercise whenever you get time.

Staff pose: Move forward towards the edge of the chair. Spread your legs, extend it out in front with your heels resting on the floor and toes pointing toward the roof. Next, take your right ankle and put it over your left. While you inhale and exhale, follow the exercise until you feel a stretch in the hamstring muscles on your left side.

Reverse prayer pose: This can be one of the most effective ways to give rest to your arms, forearms and wrist while you constantly type or move the mouse. Calm your muscles down as you move forward again at the edge of the chair. Take your palms and arms behind, towards your lower back with fingers pointing upwards.

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