Reasons You Can't Lose the Last 5 kgs

Whatever weight-loss plan you follow, the last 5 kgs are notoriously the hardest. It seems that no matter what you do, you're stuck with them. Read more to learn what could be going on.

You're eating too much salt: Overdoing it on sodium causes bloating and water retention. But it also causes weight gain, by increasing cravings for fatty foods.

Brightness in your room: The light in the room, either from electronic devices or city lights that seep in through the windows, keeps our bodies from producing enough melatonin to get a full, deep night's sleep, which is crucial for weight loss.

Food is more delicious: Hormones shift as you lose weight and this can affect many aspects of life, including how you taste things.

Your metabolism is changing: It turns out, the less you weigh, the fewer calories your body burns. So despite the success you had at whatever calorie threshold you previously set, you're going to need to lower it to get after those last 5 kgs.

You're being less careful: Over time, weight-loss plans can get a little boring. And if they've been remotely successful, dieters get a little cocky with the results.

Speak to our nutritionist to know why you are not able to lose the last few kgs. The above mentioned points may vary from person to person and diet to diet. Tell us your food habits and we will tell you the reasons.

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