Rakul Preet Singh's fitness routine

Rakul Preet Singh, who has established herself in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi film world, has recently become an entrepreneur and owns a F45 gym franchise.

Importantly, just like most of us, Rakul is a foodie who loves to eat all types of food. But her regular physical activity keeps the excess bulk off her body. Check out what keeps her looking so fit, beautiful and glowing.

  • The actress never likes to sit idle and always keeps herself active. She workouts six days a week and keeps on jumping whenever she has idle time.

  • A blue belt holder in Karate, Rakul Preet Singh says that she feels grumpy and lethargic if she fails to do her workout even for a day.

  • To keep herself healthy and fit, Rakul avoids eating all types of fried, packaged food and sweets. She prefers eating homemade food.

  • The warmup schedule includes dynamic or stationary stretches for around 10 minutes. Rakul believes in doing high-intensity cardio like cycling, treadmill, skipping, kick boxing-any of these activities for 25 minutes.

  • Loves doing aerial yoga: Originated in New York, aerial yoga includes the use of yoga swing or hammock. It allows people to perform postures that may not be ordinarily performed on the yoga mat.

  • Follows weight training: Also known as strength training, weight training is a physical activity that is designed to improve your muscular fitness by exercising a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance.

  • Stretching: Doing it every day can improve your blood circulation and shorten your recovery time. If you are suffering from muscle soreness, stretching can reduce that too. Performing it daily can give you a mental break and calm you down. Stretching helps you delay the onset of fatigue by ensuring oxygen is efficiently flowing through your blood, thereby increasing your endurance.

  • Rakul loves to be active and follows a strict fitness and diet routine. This 28-year-old actress doesn’t starve and run behind a zero-size figure and believes in healthy weight management.

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