Quick yoga poses to manage your anxiety

The benefits of yoga for stress release is something we all know. Now, several doctors have even turned to prescribing a yoga practice. It has several qualities such as:Engages the parasympathetic nervous systemLowers cortisol levelsDecreases blood pressureLowers anxietyInhibits fear, aggressiveness and rage etc.These are a few yoga poses for stress relief. They are restorative poses that calm the body and mind. Hold each pose for at least 60 seconds, connect to your breath and feel your stress melt away.

Forward Bend (melted heart)

A very simple pose that allows you to turn off stimulation from the world for a few minutes while releasing your hamstring and hip muscles.

Pigeon pose

A simple, effective hip opener pose that will allow you to release any built up emotional tension that may be causing you stress.

Goddess on Blocks

A luscious restorative heart opener helps to deepen your breath, balance your emotions and curtail fatigue, insomnia and stress.

Legs up wall

This gentle inversion will make you feel relaxed in no time by calming the nervous system and re-circulating your blood and lymphatic fluid.

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