Practicing these yoga asanas help you deal with your thyroid problems

Thyroid problems are one of those which are encountered in adults as well as children. Thyroid is a gland which is present in throat that releases a hormone called thyroxine which affects many body functions. Lack of thyroid might be due to many reasons like less iodine in your diet, pregnancy or any neck surgery which might lead to hypothyroidism. Increased thyroxine levels in the body might lead to hyperthyroidism.

To resolve these issues, we have come up with a solution to you which might help in dealing with thyroid issues. Yoga asanas have been proved to show better results in treating many health issues. Let us get to know below what are those and how they can help us. Moreover, these asanas also increase the strength of your muscles.


Also called shoulder stand, builds pressure on thyroid gland. As the thyroid gland needs a lot of blood circulation, this asana improves the blood circulation to the thyroid gland and helps in avoiding the stagnation of blood in the secretion area. It helps in increasing the blood release in neck part and helps in maintaining the endocrine system. Can show good results in treating hypothyroidism.


Also called inverted pose. This is not only beneficial for those with thyroid issues but also for various other issues. This has refreshing effect on the brain. This helps in betterment of resolving the issues like stress, insomnia and anxiety. It increases the blood flow to the thyroid gland and enhances the thyroid functioning.


Also called camel pose. This improves the blood circulation to the thyroid gland by stretching the neck and hence, stimulates the secretion of the gland.It is suggested to avoid this if you have ulcers, arthritis, a hernia, vertigo and any abdominal injuries. This might be helpful for people with asthma.


Also called bridge pose. It is very effective in treating the thyroid. Also a good choice for those with asthma and headaches. This improves the strength of the muscles. Pregnants are not suggested to perform this. This also increases the blood circulation to the thyroid.


Also called plough pose. This stretches the neck and improves the blood circulation. Especially helpful in treating hyperthyroidism. This increases the stability in back and abdominal muscles

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