Pescatarian Diet – What Is It^ What To Eat^ And Benefits

Pesce means fish. In simple words, a pescatarian diet is one that prioritizes fish and seafood as the primary protein source. Pescatarian diet is also a plant-based diet, you’ll reap all the advantages of eating ample vegetables, fruits, legumes and beans, and nuts and seeds of all kinds.

The good news is that the pescatarian diet is not a rigid diet but one that allows for flexibility.

While most of the pescatarians avoid meat, people may occasionally eat a chicken breast at times. But it is advised that someone who is following the diet should avoid poultry as much as possible.

The diet is beneficial for building strong bones and muscles. Protein and vitamin B12 in this diet are critical for the body's metabolic processes and nerve function.

Since, you will be avoiding red meat, you will have to get iron from plant-based sources. Spinach and broccoli can be consumed to compensate for the iron content in the body. Opting for low-sugar breakfast cereals as these are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

That said, women who are planning to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to eat as less as two portions of oily fish per week. The reason behind this is the presence of ‘mercury’ in fish. Mercury – a pollutant that can be highly toxic to our nervous systems may cause developmental delays in infants exposed to mercury in the womb.

Reach out to our Nutritionist to know more about Pescatarian diet. Get your recipes customized and how to include these healthy food products in your diet.

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