Obtain fitness through HIIT in your hurry lifestyle

In today's busy world, it is difficult for us to find time for workouts and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To resolve this, trainers all over the world have been trying to find new ways to workout in less time.

One of those discoveries is “High intensity interval training”, and also called HIIT. It is basically designed for athletes but now a days, it is being suggested to people who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

HIIT is a workout which can be done in lesser time and intensity. It has quick recovery time.

Time can still be customised according to our choice by increasing the intensity of the workout. This workout doesn't need any gym equipment so it is easy as well as affordable. The ideal time to perform HIIT is between 10 to 30 minutes. HIIT increases your heart rate to 80 - 90% of your maximum personal capacity.

It is highly beneficial, as it a full body fitness workout.

While performing HIIT, your body loses calories and regains it from fat instead of carbohydrates to remove the excess fat from the body. At first, it decreases the oxygen levels in the body, later during recovery it increases the intake of oxygen.

The focus of HIIT is to increase fitness in designated time.

The HIIT exercises which are suggested for the beginners are-




Anyways, warming up before starting your workout is very important and helps in working out better and more efficient.

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