Nutrition Tips For Older Adults

As we get older our body's functioning starts to slow down. Eating the right food in old age is very important as weak bones, lower immunity, poor digestion are all a part of the routine. Hence, eating healthy is very important.

Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • Have 6-7 small meals during the day to help in better digestion and absorption.

  • Our appetite reduces with age,and therefore care should be taken to include sufficient proteins like whole grains, eggs, milk products, chicken, fish, etc.

  • Consumption of a good amount of fruits is important as they are rich in antioxidants.

  • Include salad as one of your meals. It helps to keep constipation at bay due to their fiber content.

  • Stay hydrated with sufficient amount of water and other healthy drinks.

  • Avoid processed food as much as possible.

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