Natural ways to cool your body this summer

With summer, it is time to battle the soaring temperatures. With the sun following your every step and the humid air leading you to sweat profusely, you need to keep your skin and body protected. Here are some easy hacks to combat the sweltering heat. Take a look.Attention to feet: With 250,000 sweat glands, your feet are prone to lots of sweating and bacteria. In fact, it can produce at least a cup full of sweat every day. So minimize this problem by opting for leather shoes and cotton socks. Both these things allow your feet to breathe, decreasing the chances of bacteria.Manscape: With that hair popping out of every body part, you are just giving your body the chance to sweat more. So go on a manscaping spree; go for a professional wax or use the ever-dependable trimmer.Cool head: Yes, if you need the inside to stay cool, you need to keep the outside happy. So go for cool mint shampoos that can keep your hair cool and not-greasy. This will keep your body much cooler.Handy deodorants: Antiperspirants becomes a major need in summer, so invest in some quality ones. Keep them at least 8 inches away before spraying in your armpits. This is one of the areas that are most prone to sweat.

Other ways of keeping your body cool this summer:Roll your tongue and breathe slowly through mouth. This will help you to lower body heat and ease stress.Wear loose clothes with natural fibres and try to cover as much as possible to protect your body from the sun.Eat as much chilli as you can. It helps you sweat and therefore keep your body cool while heat up your mouth. Use herbal products for skin and hair which contain extracts of mint and neem. If the temperature in your house increases, the classic way to cool it down is to paint the roof white. The white paint will reflect the sun and keep the building cool. Using a temporary one will wipe off in autumn. With the easy fixes and you will be able to deal with the summertime just fine.

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