Make your treadmill workout at home safer

A lot of mishaps occur as a treadmill is powered by a motor and is not self propelled. People tend to lose their balance and ends up with bruises, sprains, broken bones, concussions. There are few rules to follow to use a treadmill safely.

  • Make sure you wear a proper athletic footwear. Also, avoid clothing that could snag in the belt of the treadmill.

  • Keep a check on your health status. At times, a fall on a treadmill is caused by a cardiovascular incident.

  • If you feel chest pain, shortness of breath, or light-headedness, stop your workout.

  • Minimize the distractions as they increase your chances of falling and getting hurt. Also, try to keep your headphones aside after you find a rhythm.

  • Be aware of the safety mechanism. You can find a clip that can be attached to a user's clothing. If you trip and fall or lose your balance, the key will pull away from the machine, shutting down the treadmill.

  • Keep good posture, which means your shoulders should be back, and your head facing forward, not looking down at the floor. Relax your hands and let your arms swing naturally.

  • Get into the habit of straddling the deck and allowing the belt to start moving before stepping on it. And when you're finished with your workout, always stop the machine before getting off.

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