Make These Changes to Your Coffee to Keep It Healthy and Wholesome

If you have accepted that you can't give up on your addiction with coffee, work your way up to making yourself a much healthier morning coffee.

Don't think you have to overhaul all your habits overnight. Pick one or two of these ideas and try them ASAP:

Lose the Sugar: Skip sugar or any artificial sweeteners. A lot of people have been led to believe that artificial sweeteners are better than regular old cane sugar, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Artificial flavors are synthetic and lab made. It makes your body get a hit of chemicals along with the sweetness.

These man-made sweetners can put your immune systems under fire and wig out your hormone levels too. They can even make you gain weight in the long run by messing with things like your hunger hormone, insulin.

In fact, good old-fashioned sugar is at least real and recognizable in our bodies, but don't load up.

Use Spices for Flavor: Add a sprinkle or two of cinnamon to your coffee for a warm and comforting flavor. You can also get more inventive with spices such as turmeric or nutmeg. Not only will these spices add depth and flavor, most of them are essentially calorie free. Apart from that they also give your circulation and digestion a healthy boost. Cinnamon has a lot of other qualities as well.

Choose Organic: Unknowingly, you're also sipping on quite a few pesticides and fertilizers that the beans were sprayed down with. A little-known fact is that coffee is one of the more heavily sprayed, pesticide-laden crops on earth. Drinking conventional coffee is hazardous for your health. Go for organic beans. Almost all grocery stores will carry at least a few organic options so be sure to buy those.

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