Lose Weight with Green Guava

Have you ever thought of eating guava to lose weight? No? Then, start having it. This green and crunchy fruit is a host of health benefits. It can potentially treat any hormonal imbalance in the body. Also, guava is considered as one of the best fruits to eat for diabetics. It is extremely rich in vitamin C and lycopene, that are good for your skin. If you are struggling to get pregnant, eating guava everyday can be helpful.

It promotes fertility and also help your body absorb essential nutrients from the food that we eat. So, start sprinkling chaat masala on a plateful of guava and guava at least till the season is on. This superfood is a powerhouse of nutrients. From lowering your risk of developing cancer to protecting your heart and improving eyesight, this round-shaped fruit does it all.

Keen to know how guava helps in shedding those extra kilos? Read further.

Reduces stress: Stress causes overeating, which is a known factor behind weight gain.

Improves metabolism: Slow metabolism can let food remain in your tummy for long, aiding in weight gain. Eating guava daily can increase your metabolism and thus help in weight loss.

Increase satiety: Being rich in fiber, guava can potentially make you feel satisfied and prevent overeating, which can cause weight gain.

Relieves constipation: Constipation is a known factor behind an imbalance in gut bacteria. Having guava actually help in maintaining the level of the good bacteria and further helps in

breakdown of food. This is essential for weight loss.

Low in calories: Being extremely low in calories compared to other fruits like apples, oranges etc., eating a guava daily can keep you slim. It will also help you keep a required number of calorie count.

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