Looking for your weight loss friend? Opt for fennel seeds

Also known as saunf, fennel seeds are generally used as mouth freshener or to add a nice flavor to your dishes and sweets. But, these seeds have a plethora of health benefits as well. They can help you get relief from conditions like asthma, digestion, congestion, stomach gas etc. It contains various essential nutrients that are known to help in weight loss. So, basically what we are trying to say is that if you are looking to shed those extra fabs, fennel seeds are the way to go. Here, we tell you how these seeds help you achieving your weight loss goal.

Increase satiety: Being rich in fiber, fennel seeds can potentially make you feel fuller for a longer duration and help in preventing cravings and overeating.

Have diuretic properties: This means that having fennel seeds can help you lose your water weight effectively without harming the body, thus helping in weight loss.

Increase your metabolism: Fennel seeds are known to give a kick-start to your body's metabolism.

Protect the body from oxidative stress: Being rich in plethora of antioxidants, fennel seeds can potentially protect your body against free radicals. These are factors known to cause oxidative stress that eventually leads to obesity.

Improve digestion: Containing volatile oils like estragole, fenchone and anethole, saunf can stimulate the production of gastric enzymes. These enzymes help in better digestion, which is an important factor for effective weight loss.

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