Know why should practice deep breathing

Deep Breathing: Incredible ways it benefits your body

Deep breathing is conventional practice of yoga which helps us to inhale more oxygen to all the body parts. It helps in increasing blood circulation. It has various health benefits -

DETOXIFICATION- Breathing can reduce upto 70% of toxins from the body but this can be achieved only with proper and deep breathing because carbon dioxide which is released during exhalation is full of wastage.

RELAXATION FROM STRESS- Breathing can relieve us from stress by providing sufficient oxygen to brain.

RELAXATION FROM PAIN- Breathing will increase the blood circulation to the affected area and hence reduces the pain and heals the area quick.

HEALTHIER LOOK- Increases the blood flow and increases the production of collagen by slowing the aging and giving brighter look to the skin.

HEALTHIER HEART- By maintaining a better blood pressure, it increases the functioning of both lungs and the heart.

AVOIDS RESPIRATORY ILLNESSES- With increased breathing levels, there can be decline in congestion in nose, lungs etc.

ENHANCES YOUR MOOD- By increasing the breathing levels, there is more supply of oxygen to the brain which makes us more calm as it leads to more release of serotonin.

INCREASES STRENGTH- By increasing the oxygen level while working out, muscle gains more strength.

INTENSE ORGASM- Deep breathing will increase blood circulation to clitoris or penis, thus improves the sense of orgasm.

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