Know more about your hunger hormone

The diet we put in always plays an important role in the weight we gain or lose.

Do you know that there is a hormone which induces hunger? Ghrelin , the hunger hormone is a gift to some and a nightmare to many. It is produced in the gut of the stomach also called 'lenomorelin'. When it reaches your brain through the bloodstream, your brain feels the urge to eat.It also shows effect on your sleep cycle, carbohydrate metabolism and taste sensation. While your ghrelin decreases, the fullness hormone 'leptin' increases.

Having a good appetite is essential as well as having it under control is also vital. Most of us enjoy having food but also keep complaining about the weight we put on with. Ghrelin levels are increased during your workout diet by nearly 40%. Having an increase in ghrelin level is good for people for weight gain.

Want to reduce ghrelin levels? Ghrelin levels can be controlled by

- Having low calorie diet

- Increasing sleep duration

- Adding more protein into diet

- Improving muscle mass

- Avoiding weight fluctuations

- Taking body massage

Do no try to over reduce your ghrelin levels to decrease weight. Your body needs love not punishment.

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