Know how bone broth diet helps in weight loss

If you are struggling to lose weight, it's time to switch to the bone broth diet. It is a 21-day weight loss plan that includes following a low-carb, paleo diet on five days a week and bone broth fasting on the remaining two days. Bone broth contains a huge amount of minerals, collagen, and amino acids, thus considered highly nutritious. On non-fasting days, you are supposed to have protein, fat, and fruit for breakfast. Replace fruits with vegetables and repeat the same food for lunch and dinner. Have one cup bone broth twice a day as snacks. And on mini-fast days, drink a cup of bone broth six times a day. Foods that come under the bone broth diet include protein rich foods like chicken, beef, and eggs. You can have no starchy vegetables like broccoli, greens, tomatoes, and asparagus. Also, you can go for foods rich in healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, butter etc. Now that we have discussed almost everything about this diet, let's also know how bone broth diet can help you lose weight and get the body of your shape.

Low in carbs: If studies are to be believed, bone broth diet contains low carb and helps in reducing up to 4 kg weight, which is more than effects of standard reduced-calorie diets.

Improves gut health: Collagen, amino acids glycine and glutamine, present in bone broth are known to promote gut health. Notably, a healthy gut can help in better digestion of foods, which is linked to weight loss.

Reduces inflammation: Obesity is associated with inflammation in the body. And, bone broth actually helps in reducing it.

Contains healthy fat: Healthy fat aids to the muscle building and not to the accumulation of bad cholesterol, thus helping in effective weight loss.

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