Know how and why you can be addicted to sugar

Sugar addiction is a thing and you might be the one affected. But it’s also true that cutting back on sugar is easier said than done.

Sugar in all its forms not only adds pounds to your frame, but research shows it boosts your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes—it may even increase your risk for some cancers, too.

Sugar addiction can be both a behavioral addiction—you get used to eating sugar after meals or at certain times of the day—and it can also be a chemical addiction.

Don’t know if you are addicted to sugar, flour and processed food? Here are a few clues to identify from.

You eat even when you are not hungry.

You keep worrying about cutting down certain foods knowing that it’s not healthy.

You feel sluggish from overeating.

You keep eating the way you do despite negative consequences.

You need more foods you crave to reduce negative emotions.

Most people are well aware that consuming a lot of sugar isn’t exactly healthy, but many people may not understand just how dangerous being addicted to sugar can be.

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