Keep your hormones under control naturally

Your body functions may go erratic if your hormones aren't under your control. They not only control moods, emotions, weight, appetite but also affects in body functions like menstruation, reproduction and sex drive of a person.

Also digestive health plays an important role in the maintenance of hormonal balance. Therefore, these points should be kept in mind if you feel that your hormones are going haywire.

Things to avoid:

Trans-fats like junk food should be totally avoided if you want to keep your hormones under control.

Another major thing to be avoided is the unwanted stress. Stress produces a hormone called cortisol that can disturb the balance of other healthy hormones.

Alcohol, in excess isn't good as it has immediate effects on brain chemicals which results into hormonal balance.

Toxic products such as plastic containers and make-up products can also cause hormonal imbalance when used on a regular basis.

Things to do:

Consume healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados on a regular basis as the omega-3 fatty acids in healthy fats can maintain hormonal balance.

Tulsi contains a supplement known as adpatogen, which stimulates the endrocine glands to produce healthy hormones, So consume 3-4 tulsi leaves everyday.

Your metabolic rate is improved by exercising on a daily basis. Regular exercise allows the endocrine gland to produce healthy hormones.

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