Isn't it interesting to lose weight with Bhangra

Most of us love dance. Bhangra, on the other hand is one of our most beloved dance forms. What if it has health benefits? Sounds like happy dancing? Yes, you are right.

Bhangra is not only a fun dance but also has some health benefits. You can lose weight while dancing with bhangra. Beyond Punjabis, many people on the earth love Bhangra and hence, it can be an easy form of weight loss for many individuals around the globe.

To enhance the effects of bhangra, a resident of US, Sarin Jain discovered a dance form called “Masala Bhangra.” Of course, it is obvious for all of us to love masala.

Masala bhangra is a fusion of Bollywood and Bhangra, which gives you both stability and finesse. It can be performed in 45- 60 minutes. It, not only helps in losing weight but also toning your body. With little effort, you can be fit as well as a great bhangra dancer.

This dance form has got special music from few musical artists which have Punjabi’s tadka with some special music for the workout. You have to be a bit more coordinated than general bhangra.

It is designed in such a manner that you can lose at least 500 calories in one session. Many people have seen to be losing nearly 25 kilograms through this.

As it is a dance form, it increases the blood circulation to every inch of the body which helps in better heart functioning and calorie burning.

This dance keeps you away from stress and pulls you a little away from the daily routine.

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