Is breathing an important parameter before starting yoga?

Breathing is an important function of our body. As it is one of the involuntary functions of the body, we might not properly focus on it. But it has to be kept under concern as it is what all which fixes our body mechanism. Especially for the people who workout breathing should be an important concern.

Yoga is one of the workout methods which highly focuses on breathing. So, before starting to practice yoga, read this. We practice yoga to increase the oxygen levels in every inch of the body which is possible by observing the breathe. You must be wondering if there is a skill of proper breathing. And, the answer is yes. You can practice this regularly and effortlessly and achieve a proper breathe.

Initially, it is important to notice if you are breathing through your mouth or your nose. You should observe your lower abdomen, the chest and the ribs to know this.

Observe how fast you breathe per minute.

Then check, how deep you are able to inhale and exhale.

Observe the rhythm of your breath.

See if you are able to inhale and exhale smooth or if you feel an obstruction.

Know if there is any sound during your breathe.

If your body is dealing with stress, you will find tension between every cycle and also feels restless. The more the body is in stress, the higher the effort of breathing will be.

Even if breathing is an involuntary function, you can observe the natural breathe and predict how stressed your body is. Before performing yoga, if you are able to analyse your breathe it becomes easy to know which asana has to be performed and how better should it be.

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