Insider Things Your Gym Doesn't Want You to Know

Gym want you to come there: The major reason behind it is that people who start exercise programs quit within six months. The gym owners purposely make the yearly fee look inviting as they know that people will quit. Like most parts of a gym, the water fountain is teeming with germs. In fact, there are more bacteria on a drinking fountain than there is in a dog's water bowl. Do yourself a favor and bring your own water to the gym.

Machines are not as clean as they look. You know that you are not the first person to use the treadmill everyday. All you can do is imagine the number of times other machines are cleaned during the morning and evening rush.

Even the towels and the locker rooms are not clean. Unless they're regularly and professionally cleaned, those mats and towels are some of the germiest freebies your gym has to offer. Some machines don't even benefit our body. Instead, you can opt for home workout or running or jogging. There are exercises that you can do without machines in the comfort of your own home, the park, or even your office.

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