Indian Foods: Let's Find Out The Good, The Bad And The Truth

In a diverse country like India, you get an opportunity to eat various types of food. Among the various cuisines, some are healthy and some are not. Now it is on us to decide which is what. Choose for yourself.

Top 3 Healthy Indian Foods:

With a healthy ingredient like green gram (moong dal), instead of split black gram (urad dal), green gram dosa is much healthier than the regular dosa. It is packed with protein and therefore is easily digestible. It also contains manganese, copper, potassium, zinc, and vitamin B. Also, a single green gram dosa adds on only 59 calories.

Another healthy food that we consume on our daily basis is Raita. Adding different kinds of vegetables makes it nutritious and tasty. Add spinach to it to make it healthier. It will improve the functioning of your digestive system and skin.

Another healthy and easy-to-make breakfast consumed throughout India is Daliya. Wheat daliya is a great source of manganese and fiber. This is actually the cracked wheat and not the regular wheat. It is not polished, and hence, super nutritious. Top 3 Unhealthy Indian Foods:

Pakoras are not necessarily the healthiest of Indian food available. Well, there are various reasons behind that. The oil used is absorbed so much that in LDL (or bad cholesterol) levels rise and the drop in HDL (or good cholesterol) levels. Also, just 4 pakoras is equivalent to almost 100 calories.

Very similar to Pakoras are Samosas. One of the most popular Indian street food, Samosas made from reheated oil that contains more trans fat than the normal oil. If you care about your heart health, you will have to restrict yourselves from eating it.

Another unhealthy snack is Vada pav. While Vada is fried in reheated oil, pav is made of refined flour, which makes both vada and pav unhealthy. When you combine both, the number of calories increase and that is something you would not want.

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