How to lose weight fast: Easy ways to drop fat

Feel like you've tried every fad diet under the sun? Step away from the keto cookbook and focus on making these healthy lifestyle tweaks instead to lose weight, fast.

Just a few simple changes in your diet plan will help you shed those extra kilos.

Add Low-Calorie Volume to Every Meal: You're not likely to feel satisfied with a meal that looks very small. Boost the volume on your plate with low-calorie foods. You can even make rice and grains more substantial by adding onions and peppers. When you feel full and happy, you're likely to eat less in the hours after your meal.

Say No to the Elevator: A quick and efficient way to lose calories is climbing stairs. You’ll also get a bonus of leaner legs. Try to skip the elevator, avoid the escalator and make the extra effort when you go home. This simple trick will help you lose an extra half pound or even an extra pound each week.

Cut meals in half to lose weight: Just cut most of your meals and snacks in half. You'll eat less and slim down quickly. Mostly, meal items are too big anyway. By cutting them in half, you're probably serving yourself the correct portion sizes for weight loss. Keep the vegetable and fruit portions full-sized but cut down the starch and sweets in half.

Gym workouts to lose weight faster: Skip the weight training machines and cardio equipment. Instead, head to the gym floor and do full body weight exercises. Exercises like walking lunges increase your heart rate to burn fat, tighten and tone the lower body and even increase the range of motion in your hips and thighs. Body weight exercises are easy to do at home. So there won’t be a reason to skip your workout if you can't get to the gym.

Avoid alcohol to lose weight faster: It’s tough to give up alcohol completely, but if you can ban booze for a few days in a month, you'll notice a difference on the scale. There are a lot of different weight loss benefits that you'll enjoy if you go sober. You will not munch on high-fat and high-calorie foods if you avoid alcohol. And you won’t avoid your workout plan on track if you don't have to deal with a morning-after hangover.

Drink More Water: You don’t realise that a lot of times you are thirsty and not hungry. Many people get easily confused with the signs of thirst and hunger. The result is that you might eat more food and consume extra calories when your body is just thirsty and not hungry. To avoid this, try to stay hydrated. Fill a few bottles with water and keep them in front of you. Drink a full 6-8 ounces before you eat a meal or grab a snack. You may decide that you need a very little as you are already full.

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