How to build bigger chest muscles?

Building a huge chest is always on your mind if you are a gym junkie. Of course, bench press, barbells, press ups can increase your chest mass but the idea of choosing these following workouts might be an ideal and quick way to forge a vast chest.

Though building a great chest is important, focussing all your workout time into only chest is a blunder. Your body needs to be built equally among all the muscles so that it looks aligned.

Maximise your time to chest workout along with the full body training session. We bring you a four week plan where, two out of four weeks are chest related and the rest are for full body sessions.

Keeping up the alternate weeks for the chest plan with different approaches helps in growing muscle in a proper way. The best part of chest exercises is they not only make you look marvellous but also increases your strength hugely. This four digit tempo plan should be followed in a proper order.



Warm up is very important before you start any workout to improve the flexibility of your body and also the blood circulation. Instead of just walking on the treadmill or jogging for 10 minutes try doing stretches as they free up your muscles which are much needed for full body workout. A little tip would be to perform your stretches with little weights if possible.

And the main part of plan follows:


Bench press:

Lie on a flat bench and with your hands width apart little more than your shoulder width lift a barbell. While lifting up the barbell make sure your keep your body pulled on the bench and embrace your core. Lower your barbell in the same position until your chest. Give five times of 5 repetitions with one minute of rest between intervals.

Incline bench press:

This time lie on an inclined bench and repeat the process same as the bench press with same tempo.

Incline dumbbell press:

Lie on an inclined bench with dumbbells each on one hand by your shoulders. Lift up the dumbbells until your arms are straight and lower them back to the initial position. Give four sets of 8 repetitions with 20 seconds of time interval between each set.

Incline dumbbell flye:

Lie on an inclined bench and hold your dumbbells over your face such that palms are towards each other and get them back to the sides. Give 4 sets with 10 repetitions with 20 secs of rest between each set.

Press up:

Place your body bringing your feet together and hands under the shoulder on the floor. Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the floor until your body is straight and get back to position powerfully. Give 4 sets with 12 repetitions with 60 secs of time interval between each set.


This week is your full body workout which can be done by squats, chin-ups, and overhead press, bent-over row and good morning.


Here comes again your chest workout, where your perform the same workout as week 1 but with decreased sets and increases repetitions.


This week is again your full body workout. Try doing front squats, rack pull, standing dumbbell biceps curl, Triceps extension and lateral raise.

Try performing the same order, and you might be able to see the impressive results after this four week plan. Don’t lose your track.

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