How does ultra-processed foods affect your heart health

If you are consuming a lot of ultra-processed foods, stop right now. The researchers have found that consuming is linked to lower heart health.

Ultra-processed foods are made of substances extracted from foods, such as fats, starches, hydrogenated fats, added sugar, modified starch and other compounds and include cosmetic additives such as artificial flavours, colours or emulsifiers.

Soft drinks, packaged salty snacks, cookies, cakes, processed meats, chicken nuggets, powdered and packaged instant soups and many items often marketed as "convenience foods are few examples of ultra-processed foods.

Adults who ate approximately 70 percent of their calories from ultra-processed foods were half as likely to have 'ideal' cardiovascular health, compared with people who ate 40 per cent or less of their calories from ultra-processed foods.

Consume as much as unprocessed and minimally processed foods as possible. Vegetarians can include vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, and nuts while non vegetarians can include meats, seafood, eggs, and milk. Make sure these foods have zero added sugars, flavoring, and chemicals.

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