Here's why detoxes don't work all the time

Detoxes have maintained their popularity as a health trend for years now. Devotees claim that these help you to get rid of the body toxins and give your digestive system a much-needed break. The intended results are feeling younger, healthier, and more energized.

Detoxes typically fall under one of three umbrellas:

  • those that replace foods with liquids

  • those that claim to support your body’s natural detoxification process

  • those that “cleanse” your digestive tract via the colon

Negative effects of detox:

The goal of detox is to flush out the toxins that our bodies come in contact with every day. Typically done by fasting, drastically restricting food intake, replacing solid foods with liquids, or drinking a ton of water, all of which could have negative side effects on your health.

The fact remains, there’s no evidence of these detoxes. And it is also said that because some of them are so restrictive, they may actually be doing more harm than good. So, we’re here to debunk the most common detoxes.

Food restriction: Another famous form of detox are ones that restrict certain foods or food groups as a way to flush the body of toxins and improve overall health.

Try to remove a type of food for a week and see if you feel better, instead of eliminating most foods. Add the food back in and monitor your symptoms after a week. If you feel any discomfort such as bloating, gas, intestinal discomfort, constipation, or diarrhea return, then it may be a good idea to remove that food group from your diet.

Eliminating too many foods or whole food groups at once, like some food cleanses require you to do, will not only feel overly restrictive, also it won’t give you any insight into what foods are negatively impacting your health.

Juice or smoothie cleanse: Arguably the most popular, these liquid only cleansers replace solid foods with a selection of fruit- and vegetable-based juices or smoothies.

Drinking fruit- and vegetable-based juices are healthy as long as they’re fresh-pressed. These drinks are packed with nutrients, especially if they go heavy on the veggies, and can be a great addition to your diet.

But drinking only juices and smoothies and depriving your body of actual food is where this detox enters the unhealthy territory. Lack of protein and fat means you’ll spend your entire detox feeling hungry, but it can also lead to a host of other negative side effects.

These detoxes can lead to:

  • Low blood sugar

  • Brain fog

  • Decreased productivity

  • Fatigue

Liver detox: Another hot trend in the detox world is “liver detoxes.” It’s aim is to deliver a boost to the body’s detoxifying system by improving liver function.

Instead of a ‘detox’ people should focus on eating a diet that’s rich in both raw and cooked fruits and vegetables.

They should include soluble fiber like beans, nuts, and grains and limit alcohol intake.

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