Healthy diet to prevent heart disease

Do we all know that not only maintaining a healthy body weight but also maintaining a healthy weight is important to keep heart diseases away? We believe that maintained body mass can reduce the risk of heart but to maintain a proper body mass we need to follow a proper diet to be specific proper nutrition and balanced diet. Keeping check on nutrition we intake is vital. Plan which nutrients are essential and avoid unwanted nutrients from your diet.Macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and unsaturated fats affect heart functioning.They, taken in proper proportion can decrease inflammation in heart and cell damage.The choice of adding fruit and vegetables into the diet can be helpful.

In a study, participants were asked to replace their carbohydrate rich diet with sugar grains, a protein rich diet with normal protein intake, and unsaturated fat rich diet with healthy fats like fish and nuts.The diet they were asked to follow contained low unhealthy carbohydrates and fats. After 6 weeks, it was found out that they were showing effects on health injury.Though it can't be deducted that only this particular diet can show effect on heart but cutting off unwanted fats and carbs can be replaced with healthy foods can show greater effect.Trying to maintain balance between fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods, we consume can decrease the injury of heart.

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