Have grains and lose weight

Does weight loss seem tough? Well it is. Are you done trying everything to have a body of your dreams? If yes, you are probably going the wrong way. Weight loss process is not all about just exercise. It also includes proper diet. In fact, food plays a significant role in shedding those extra kilos. Right kind of food and right time of having those foods, both are equally essential. As far as the type of food is concerned, you should look for something with low calorie, high fiber, and extremely nutritious.

Fiber can keep you satisfied for longer duration keeping overeating aside. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while opting for a food for weight loss is that how will it impact your blood sugar level.

Are you not able to think of a food that is low in calories, high in fiber and extremely nutritious? Well, it is grains. Don't be surprised. Grains are extremely healthy adding them in your daily diet can help you shed those extra kilos. Here we give you a list of grains that you can opt for weight loss.

Buckwheat: Also known as kuttu, buckwheat is a gluten free whole grain. It can potentially help you lose weight as it contains fiber and other nutrients like iron, magnesium, vitamin C etc.

Brown rice: Containing complex carbohydrates, brown rice can help you manage blood sugar level. It can also help in weight loss by improving your metabolism.

Barley: Being rich is fiber, barley is considered good for weight loss.

Finger millets: Also known as ragi, finger millets are gluten-free and quite healthy. Eat them regularly to have a body of your dreams.

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