Hate to hit the gym? Simply workout at home

If it is becoming difficult for you to time find for gym, we say that it is completely fine. A study has found out that working out at home not only saves your time, cost and access but also increases adherence.The study that was published in The Journal of Physiology, investigated a home-based high-intensity interval training programme. It was found out that the training programme was beneficial for clinically obese individuals with an elevated risk of heart disease.

The research team found that home training is a time-efficient strategy that helps to reduce other common exercise barriers such as difficulty with access to exercise facilities due to travel time and cost.For the study, 32 obese people completed a 12-week exercise programme given by the researchers. A range of health markers were measured in these participants which included body composition, cardiovascular disease risk and the ability to regulate glucose.They categorised it in 3 groups — those who did supervised, lab-based cycling HIT programme; those who did 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise; and those who did home-based training programme of simple body weight exercises suitable for people with low fitness and low mobility and performed without equipment.The researchers found that home-based high-intensity interval training programme was effective. Both the government-recommended 150-minute exercise and the supervised, lab-based HIT programme for improving fitness in obese individuals.

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