Go effortless for your fitness like Nia Sharma

Nia sharma, quite famous to be heard right! Why not. She has been ranked on top 3 amongst the top 50 sexiest Asian women list by Eastern Eye newspaper. While we have many celebrities, Nia Sharma made it to the top of the list because of her wonderful shape and fitness.She is envied by many women for her curves and slim body.Apart from being a fabulous actress, she maintains her perfect look. We wondered how and when found the answer was amazed because she keeps it effortless. Can't wait to know how?We can't deny the fact that she workout less and actually stays fit by mostly depending on her diet instead of her workout. She is the woman who hates sweat and doesn't even prefer yoga for her body choice. YEt, she manages to stay slim. She rarely works out but follows a particular diet pattern. Though, she loves eating junk food. She tries to avoid them as much as possible. She instead prefers to eat home-cooked food which is more healthy and hygienic.She does jogging on a regular basis and nothing more than that.She confesses that she has strained her body and hair at a point of time later, she understood the value of consuming proper diet and following nutritious and controlled diet can really be a better option than starving herself to lose weight.Though, she decided to consume nutritiously and restrict herself to healthy food, she doesn't have any particular diet plan. But she pulls herself to have home food as much as possible rather than choosing the food outdoors.She has no cheat meal day and tries to stay away from chocolates, noodles as much as possible. Mostly, she prefers to have roti over rice and milk over coffee or tea.And now, that you people also understand following a proper diet can be a great start towards fitness, plan a proper diet plan where you can eat well and still can't gain weight.

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