Get your triceps now with these workouts

Are you planning to build your arms? Well, the usual and most common misconception about building arms is that biceps and forearms make perfect arms. But, in contrast to that belief, Triceps are the real thing. Triceps give you the real "Arnold-ish" look. The usual curls and extensions might strengthen the triceps, but they're mostly focused towards your forearms and biceps. To achieve your dream look, you need to train your triceps with the workout focused only on them. These six workouts are most effective and targeted towards achieving your "perfect arm."

1.Close Hand Push-ups

The regular push-ups are effective on the chest muscles, but when you put your hands close, the weight is distributed to a different muscle. You need to put the right weight on the muscle you are building.

Position: Facing the ground, put your hands close, right below your chest forming a diamond shape in between your two hands. Extend your legs far.

Workout: Now lower yourself into a standard plank position. Lift yourselves back to the position by pushing the ground.

2.Bench Dip

Position: Stand in front of a flat bench, facing away from it. Hold the edges of the bench and extend your legs, bend down a bit making a 90° angle from the bench.

Workout: Lower down till your arms form a 90° angle and push the bench to lift yourselves up.

3.Tricep Kickback:

Position: Bend down on a flat bench by placing your left/right arm and left/right leg on the bench for support. Hold the dumbbell on the hand you are working on and make a 90° angle between the upper and lower arm.

Workout: Slowly move the arm your working on back, making a 180° with your upper arm. Hold it for a second and take it back to the initial 90° position.

4.Overhead Tricep Extension

Position: Sit on a flat bench. Lift your arms straight overhead holding a dumbbell.

Workout: Fold your upper arm without moving your lower arm, making an angle less than 90°.Hold it for few seconds and take the arms back to the position.

5.Close Grip Bench Press

Position: Lie down on flat bench and grab a barbell closer than your shoulder width.

Workout: Push the barbell up and bring it down until the middle of your chest.

6.Rope Tricep Pushdown

Position: Hold the rope's edges making a 90° angle with the upper arm.

Workout: Pull the rope down till your hands are extended straight making a 180° angle. Hold it and release the rope back to the position.

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