Get fit in 12 weeks with Kate Upton

Every woman dreams of having a fit body even after maternity. For such women, Kate Upton sets an example, for whom being a model brings extra responsibility of being fit. Kate Upton travels a lot with her spouse and daughter which makes her busy and hard to find time for fitness. Here are a few of her workouts which make body flexible as well as enhances the metabolism.

Plank : Plank increases the strength in the abdomen, shoulders and legs. It increases the blood circulation and with a proper form of doing plank , difference can be seen in very less time.45 seconds of plank with 2 repetitions each day show a better result. Placing the forearms parallel to your body by lifting up you body upon toes and holding ur waist towards the spine will finish your perfect plank.

Split Squat : Split squat is for better and balanced lower body functioning.8-10 repetitions of split squat is necessary for good result.Place one leg a foot forward and bend such that the other leg rests on the toes and your body is straight facing the front. Keep altering the legs.

Shoulder taps : Shoulder taps are very helpful for relieving daily pains like lower back pain and also helpful in increasing the body strength.8-10 on each arm would be sufficient.Stay on plank position and quickly tap one arm on the opposite shoulder and keep altering the arms.

Eccentric leg curl on stability ball : Eccentric leg curl increases muscle gain as well as strength.10 times of this process is sufficient.Rest your body on the floor and place your legs on the stability ball by lifting up the hips and move the ball slowly to and fro.

Hip thrust : Hip thrust will hugely increase your glute and strengthen you body.10 times is necessary to obtain good strength.Rest your body on the floor and lift your hip and hold for a second. Make sure the pressure of lifting your body is on heels and not on hands.With these few, easy yet effective exercises for 12 weeks your body is strengthened and maintained fit and also keeps your body metabolism in discipline.

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